I wanted to share a Godwink from a couple of weeks ago.  I had answered an ad on a Craig’s List site and decided to go look at some items at a stranger’s house.  My husband was out of town and so I invited my friend Mary to accompany me.  I also had a plan B in place, as I provided the location and address to another friend Sue, with instructions to find us if she had not heard back from me by a predetermined time.  Yes I was worrying! Our ride took us out to a secluded town and area in the woods as we drove on dirt roads that turned onto unmarked camp roads.  We were a bit nervous up until the car’s GPS announced that in 400 feet we had reached our destination.  Out of the blue just before the base of the driveway popped up a street sign.  There were no other street signs.  I announced to Mary that I just knew everything would be fine now as this was my Godwink!

And everything was fine.  We even made a couple of new friends including a rooster named Jo Jo!

As I laid in bed the other night, I awoke out of semi -conscious sleep to a loud bang and my immediate thought was that my husband had just returned home from his trip out to the mid-west. It sounded like the garage door hitting the cement floor as when our automatic garage door closes. But then I heard another thunderous ripping bang as it shot through the sky followed by streaks of lighting cursing my window shade. That  was a bad storm. My thoughts then went to panic as I thought of my husband who was traveling by airplane home and then driving the long drive from the airport in those wee hours. I prayed. I prayed for God’s safety net over him as he traveled, and then I thanked God for his protection. I thanked Him for His abundant peace, abundant life.

So it had me thinking about worry and how useless an emotion that it is. I even wondered about the invention of a thing called a worry stone. I “googled” worry stone to understand a little bit about it’s origin and learned how it is used in reducing anxiety.  “Have you ever wondered how a worry stone works? Can it actually help reduce anxiety – or is it just a novelty item? It turns out, psychological theory supports the use of worry stones. According to the principles of cognitive behavior therapy, the use of a worry stone can be a healthy self-soothing exercise that can help counteract negative comforting habits like nail or lip biting for example.  Worry stones are often used in combination with other relaxation exercises. The presence of the stone serves as a reminder to use affirmations, visualization or other coping tools. If you rub your worry stone while focusing on a positive affirmation that counteracts whatever you are anxious about, simply seeing the stone reinforces that positive message. It develops a series of habits and positive reinforcement that can help empower you in any situation”. ( taken from thenewagesource.com- June 6, 2014).  

My immediate thought here is what about prayer?  To me the thought of placing my trust in my own thought process and/ or a little rock or worry stone seems far reaching.

Sunday of last week, I traveled to one of my favorite little Vermont country churches to attend service. The Pastor there is a sweet friend and now his congregation too as they welcome me each time I come back for a visit. Pastor Rick’s message was hand delivered to my heart. The pastor spoke about our thoughts and the words that we use and how powerful they can be as they become us. He spoke about negative talk that manifests in our lives if we continue to repeat and dwell on the same.  Pastor Rick then spoke about the alternative, positive words; affirmations and truths as we allow God’s spoken word to become us. His message cast light on my own thoughts and spoken word and how they invade my life bad and good. I believe that positivity is a magnet and as we allow it to surround us it brings so much good to our lives.  I also believe that God places thoughts in our hearts and in our minds to act on.  Pastor Rick spoke about prayer and the importamce of BELIEVING when we pray, to always be thankful  as we acknowledge God’s provisions in our lives as we await HIs answer to our prayers.  This is by far better than to worry, to have the comfort of His abundant peace,abundant life.

This morning I had a little song in my heart from my childhood days attending Sunday school where we would sing songs.  The song I was thinking on goes like this:

I’ve got the joy joy joy joy, down in my heart ( where?) down in my heart, down in my heart.  I ‘ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart, down in my heart to stay”.  Then the second verse starts: “I’ve got the love of Jesus, love of jesus, down in my heart….” and then the final verse is “I’ve got the peace surpasses understanding, down in my heart…”  The melody stayed with me all day and truly put a smile on my face as it invaded my thoughts.  That, my friend is dwelling on the positivity, and is a gift from above.  When Jesus left this earth, He promised His disciples ( and us), that he would ask His Father in Heaven to give us a comforter who provides truth, this gift from God, the Holy Spirit, who will dwell within us, (all who are believers). This is where my abundant peace, abudant life is found.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting with an acquaintance having a conversation and all of a sudden she announced to me that I had a protective army of angels surrounding me. She said it emphatically and with joy
as if she could see the angels. Wow!  That gave me chills but then I can claim that assurance of God’s arms of protection which surround me, with His abundant peace, abundant life.

The other night my husband asked me to pray for him, for something that he has had on his mind continuously, that causes him worry.  I did, but then discussed with him the useless emotion of worry.  I told him to leave it with God to deal with; and to trust and thank Him for answers too.  Only Jesus is peace; peace that surpasses all understanding.  One cannot get that peace from a worry stone.  Christ is abundant peace, abundant life.

So when you start to worry, you need to pray and don’t forget to thank Him for His answers. With His abundant peace, abundant life; life is good(e).