My dream as a young girl right up through my teens was to become a flight attendant, I know, I wasn’t dreaming big enough!  I’ve never really been a person who chased fame and fortune but was always attracted to travel. At the time I figured that it would provide a means to see the world. If I recall correctly I went on 29 interviews with various airlines in pursuit of a flight attendant job.. When I saw an advertisement for an initial meet and greet with an airline that was hiring, I always went. As I sat in a roomful of a hundred or more hopefuls and we were invited to stand up and introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about ourselves, I was the person that always jumped up first. I figured that this initial display of self-confidence would assure me a second interview, and it seemed too.  To be hired with an airline as a flight attendant you needed to make it through four interviews. I usually made it through three and actually was invited back with two airlines for their fourth interview. I remember being flown first class to Dallas for my fourth interview with American but somehow managed to screw it up. I also was invited to a fourth interview with Pan American Airlines to interview for an international position and had to take two foreign language exams. I chose French as I had studied French in high school ( I also studied Swedish in college, but to this day I am not quite sure why, except that the language intrigued me). Anyhow, they told me I aced both my French written and conversational exams and was invited to meet with the Executive board as well as the Vice President of Pan American Air for a final interview. I was an extremely nervous nineteen year old seated at that board room conference table. I remember how nervous that I was as I kept a smile pasted on my face and my lower lip quivered. At that final interview, I had to answer a series of questions about how I would handle certain situations such as screaming babies and unruly passengers. But then the question came about what I would do with the passengers if I learned from the pilot that the plane encountered mechanical difficulties was going to go down and probably crash. My answer was thoughtful and from my heart, but not what this host of executives was looking for. I explained that I would probably tell the passengers what was happening and try to calm them and would invite them to pray to God with me for His perfect intervention. I knew as the words escaped my lips that I would not be flying the friendly skies with that organization. They thanked me and politely escorted me out of the conference room.

So God had an alternate plan for my life which did not include flying for business in that chapter of my life, and I settled on a position as a travel agent for awhile, and afterwards working in the hospitality industry in sales and marketing. I was blessed with a few very sweet positions including a director of sales and marketing position where I had the opportunity to plan and work on the PGA tour at a prestigious golf course. It was fun, but not rewarding. I have learned that its not about serving celebrities nor the monetary gains in life that have provided me with the most happiness. I have found the biggest blessings in the opportunities presented where I can get to know someone personally.  It warms my heart when God uses our story to inspire others by sharing, encouraging, listening and building them up.  It’s wonderful to witness the rekindling of their faith.

Today, I had to get on a plane headed to St.Louis. As I jumped out of my car, on an impulse, I grabbed a copy of my book, Wish You a Goode Journey. and stuffed it in my bag. I just knew God would place me in a position to share it at some point in my travel. It just happened to be the very first segment of my flight. The person seated next to me was on her way to San Francisco on business. We started to chat and she mentioned  that she was not so religious but that she did pray everyday. As we continued to talk, she started to open up to me and eventually she was sharing with me about her faith in God as she shared many of her own examples of God’s faithfulness and provisions in her life. I shared with her about Makenzie; about God’s perfect plan for her life and mine too. I shared about Kenzie’s gifts and the lives she saved and the woman next to me got very sad and tearful. She told me that her sister had just lost her son only two months earlier and about the sadness that surrounds her sister. She also told me that her nephew, her sister’s son helped and even saved fifteen lives! Wow! It was nice to hear about this selfless guy who friends gravitated to in life for help, advice, and a listening ear. And as I was flying the friendly skies, God in His perfect seating assignment placed me in seat 10 D and the woman next to me in seat 10 C. ( I love that he used row 10… a perfect Godwink)! My new friend and I exchanged information and of course a copy of Wish You A Goode Journey inscribed to her sister Martha. She has already requested a get- together with she and her sister and I, in August.

So I realize now that God is using me in a different capacity as I am flying the friendly skies. His plan is so much greater than mine. He is allowing me to serve others in a much bigger capacity for Him,

When I personally autograph the book, many times I include this scripture and so I want to share it here:

God”S Amazing Grace to You,