As I drove into work this morning, my radio and its’ announcer caught my attention. The DJ was talking about faith and asked this question: “how deep is your faith”? Funny thing is that a similar discussion occurred by a different radio announcer just last evening as I was listening to the radio during my drive home after work. So I have to stop and wonder if God is trying to get my attention. As I continued to drive in the darkness this morning, I considered that faith question. Although I ‘d like to think that my faith is rock solid, I entertain thoughts of doubt more times than I care to admit. My wavering faith happens in random circumstances. I should not be doubting our God of the universe nor have any doubt with respect to His provisions and plans for my life. Sometimes I think it stems from my impatience.   Waiting for God is good for us.  If we believe and allow His perfect plan to unfold, a bounty of blessings are manifested and sometimes only realized retrospectively.

I can relate to it this way as I compare the smaller blessings to individual petals on a blossom of an exquisite flower. By looking closely at each petal one can see intricate texture, design and color and possibly even a hint of fragrance can be detected. But when the blossom is experienced in its fullness only then can it be truly appreciated. Yes, God’s timing and plan are perfect, always.

Lately I have sensed that God is asking me to take on something that seems daunting; beyond my limitations.  Have you ever been compelled to try something that requires you to step out in faith and out of your comfort zone? The idea may in some ways seem exhilarating but also overwhelming and even frightening. We are called to trust God in everything and with our very lives. When we ignore or dismiss the call for change out of fear, we actually short change ourselves as we are eliminating the probability of the bigger blessings that God has in store for us.

My Godwink came this morning early as I was driving to work listening to that radio announcer asking the question: how deep is your faith? I started to have a quiet dialogue in my mind with God asking Him about the doubts that I’ve been experiencing regarding the task that I am feeling led to. I asked God if I had been mistaken? As I drove on that dark road I came up behind the car in front of me and saw my Godwink!

I followed this car all the way to work. I got into the wrong lane at the stoplight just so I could snap this picture. I wonder what the driver was thinking!! Ha ha

So I will continue to trust, wait on God, and believe.

In lieu of New Year’s resolutions, some of my business associates and friends are posting on social media their personal word for 2017. Their chosen word is one of significance that they will own for the upcoming year to help facilitate their goals, their passions, and perhaps aid in accountability. Here is my friend Julie’s chosen word.

Julie: I chose my word for 2017!

Obsessed with God
Obsessed with my marriage
Obsessed with my family
Obsessed with my Business
Obsessed with my Budget
Obsessed with my Health
Obsessed with my friendships!
What a Year it will be!!!
Reflection of 2016 is complete
I am a work in progress…
Success is being a step closer each and every day to the Best Version of me God created me to to be!

Thanks Julie, I adore you and your chosen word. I like how you will incorporate it into your life.

So I decided to choose my word for 2017, I choose BELIEVE

*Believe not doubt
*Believe in others and their potential, as well as my own
*Believe that there is good in the world
*Believe that there is hope for our country and our planet
*Believe in God’s calling and purpose in my life
*Believe in and wait  patiently for His plan to unfold


John 20:29

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. NIV