My husband surprised me by suggesting that we get away for our anniversary weekend and go back to the Bed & Breakfast where we were married twelve years ago. I adored the idea and so off we went to Wells, ME the place where we use to play hooky, where we got engaged and then eventually were married. An Inn for the win! Originally we had wanted to be married on the jetty at Wells, as for me it’s possibly the most wonderful place in the world. Torrential rains on that day changed our plans and we wound up exchanging our vows in front of the fireplace at the B &B. The Innkeepers at that time told us to use the Inn as if it were our home. Here are some pictures of the sweet place where we were married to include our wedding picture from 2005.
When we arrived in our room,  Happy  Anniversary wishes greeted us along with strawberries dipped in chocolate. Yum!

The first morning of our anniversary weekend we were greeted at breakfast time by Brian, one of the owners. He served us juice and coffee and explained that each of the owners took turns with the various kitchen responsibilities. Our breakfast had been prepared by Lynn, his mother-in-law.  I instantly liked her as she served us her amazing quiche.  She was warm and welcoming and a great cook too! Next we met her husband who was named Bob. I handed him my camera and asked him to take our picture in front of the fireplace for posterity. I asked him about the t-shirt that he was wearing as it stated  a funny expression.  He explained that his t-shirt was from a previous business owned by Brian, his son-in-law,. I decided that I should have a picture of it. If you are from Boston you will understand, as it’s all about dropping the Rs in our dialect.  My husband and I met some other guests during breakfast including some Canadian friends who were heading off to a Red Sox game. I believe they came to the Inn for a Win!

( Red Sox won…. 10-2 over the Astros).

Bob with his quirky t-shirt

Our weekend was filled with some amazing scenery and a few important Godwinks too. After visiting Kennebunkport and taking some pictures oceanside near the Bush compound, we headed back to our car. As we walked my husband noticed something and he told me to look down. There it was! My daughter’s calling card. Number 10 lives on as she goes where I go. I love you Kenzie.

So I wanted to share in this post, part of a story that is included in my book, “Wish You A Goode Journey”. It’s about my friend Hallie who suffered great loss from the death of her son, CJ Twomey.  Hallie and I met in 2014 at the Transplant Games of America in Houston. The Transplant Games were created to be like the Olympics but for organ recipients who participate in a variety of events. As volunteers for Donate Life, Hallie and I were invited to carry the Donate Life banner for Team New England as the team paraded around the stadium in the opening games. As Hallie and I waited in the tunnel with the team for our turn to march out, we introduced ourselves to one another and made conversation. As she shared about her son and I about my daughter, it was evident that she was not a “believer”  and was having a tough time accepting CJ’s death. It seems to me that God gave me those thirty minutes perhaps to share with her my belief in heaven and of a loving God who is available to help us.  I certainly can understand her line of questioning wanting to know where was that loving God when CJ took his own life? My answer was and will always remain that I believe that God was right there in the midst of it with outstretched arms ready to help her. My faith has carried me in the most troubling times including the accident of my own sweet daughter. But Hallie has come a long way from our first meeting in that football stadium tunnel. Like me she has figured out a way to propel herself forward by finding endeavors to stay focused on anything and everything positive. I am glad to call her my friend and I believe that she is Inn for the Win! Good for you, Hallie , and we will get through this and God willing we will see our children again! One very meaningful endeavor was that Hallie and her husband invited people to spread a tiny amount of her son CJ’s ashes to places near and far in honor of CJ’s adventurous spirit. I was also allowed the chance to partake in this journey by taking CJ to a very sacred place. ( You will have to read my book to learn of the amazing Godwink that I received during this beautiful experience).

Here I am Scattering CJ’s Ashes on My Daughter Kenzie’s Angel Rock-

As my husband and I began day two of our stay at the B & B, we had more time to get to know Brian the owner. As we talked and I mentioned my volunteer work with New England Donor Services he asked if I knew a person by the name of Hallie. He mentioned that he knew  that she had donated CJ’s organs. He explained that he and Hallie had graduated from high school together. It was an amazing Godwink for me as Brian shared with me his story of hiking up Mt. Washington to scatter CJ’s ashes. He told of his passion for hiking up to the top of Mt.Washington many times when he was younger. Following  a car accident  Brian could no longer do it as he had tried a time or two and always fell short of reaching the summit due to his pain and physical limitations. But he decided to ask Hallie if he could scatter some of CJ’s ashes and he attempted the climb. Brian got very emotional as he shared with us how the pain in his legs was debilitating as he climbed and that he felt at one point that he was not going to make it to the top. He felt it essential that he press through the pain to honor Hallie’s son’s memory. Brian made it to the summit and it was apparent that the experience was so meaningful to him.  Wow! What a Godwink!  This amazes me,my re-connection with Hallie through a chance meeting with Brian, considering the fact that Brian is a different owner of the Inn from when my Bob and I were married twelve years ago.  It makes me entertain the idea that my Kenzie and Hallie’s CJ have somehow met in Heaven and through God’s miraculous hand, God orchestrated our initial meeting at the Transplant Games in Houston and then most recently through a chance encounter at a B & B in Maine.  God isnt finished with us yet, Hallie.  God is great!

As my husband and I continued to visit with Brian, he also shared with us that his father-in-law Bob ( pictured above) , was diagnosed with stage four cancer . We were told by Lynn (Bob’s wife) to be sure and ask him about his t-shirt that he was wearing on that second day.

Our host and owner of the Beach Farm Inn, Brian, made it to the summit to honor the memory of CJ Twomey.







And so we asked Bob about his t-shirt of the day. The back said “WHAT’S YOMO”?
Abbreviated for “what’s your moment”. And the front had Bob’s significant date:
06-12-17. Bob explained that 06-12-17 was his moment that was driving him as he battled cancer because that was the date of his grandson’s graduation. He was so grateful that he lived to see his grandson graduate!  Beautiful! I encouraged this very nice man to never give up and I feel quite confident that he is Inn For the Win! May God continue to bless you and your family, Bob.

As we packed up to leave the B & B, I decided to share my Godwink from the other day with these sweet folks. We left the dime as a sign  (of the power of hope and love).  I am so grateful for the Godwinks.

Pictured: Bob, Lynn, Janine and Brian of Beach Farm Inn