Finding Hope

Lately a pervading thought and phrase keeps coming back to me “It’s All About…”. Last week I ventured a bit south to a friend’s beautiful boutique for a little shopping and an opportunity to simply catch up. I had never visited her at her shop which is called “It’s All About…Me”. Her sweet little boutique was filled with treasures to include clothing, jewelry, trinkets and other niceties for women. I had fun shopping, sharing and conversing on that afternoon. But for some reason the name of her store consumed my thoughts.

The following day, while listening to the radio during my drive time home from work, I listened to a talk show and the title of the program that day was “It’s All About …You”. The question/ core of the message was: are you living a life that is all about you? It certainly stopped me in my thoughts and made me give mindful reflection of my own life and actions. Am I living a self-centered, me first, kind of existence or am I using every opportunity to point others to Christ?

Today during my devotion, I read from a book called The Message which I recently acquired. It is a book compiled of the New Testament but which is written in “layman” terms which I found to be easily digestible text. The scriptures that I read were from Phillipians and II Timothy; which told about when Paul was held prisoner because of his faith but used his imprisonment to point others to Christ. His imprisonment back fired for his captors as Paul was sharing the gospel with the other prisoners and even the guards. Wow! Paul was living his life sacrificially and it was not a life of “It’s all about…” me but moreover a life of “it’s all about …” God, as he pointed others to Jesus; and still does so many thousands of years after his life in prison.

(The above text shared from:  The Message)

I find it intriguing the people that God places in our paths for His purposes. I recently received a friend request from someone that I did not know ( it happens a lot) and I accepted her request and we began texting back and forth. I learned that she had lost her son to an accidental drug overdose. I learned that our life paths seem similarly aligned and that she too has the understanding of her purpose now in this unimaginable tragedy that has hit her where she lives. My new friend is using her voice to bring this horrible epidemic to the forefront locally and at the state and national government levels. God willing her voice will be used for His amazing purpose, and in the end it’s all about… Him.

The above text shared from:  The Message

I like the lyrics of a song by one of my favorite bands “Casting Crowns”. Thought I would share a few stanzas here and the link to their Youtube video also:
LIFE SONG By: Casting Crowns

Empty hands held high
Such small sacrifice
Now joined with my life
I sing in vain tonight
May the words I say
And the things I do
Make my lifesong sing
Bring a smile to you
Let my lifesong sing to you
Let my lifesong sing to you
I want to sign your name
To the end of this day
Lord led my heart was true
Let my lifesong sing to you

Click on the link to hear this beautiful song in full

Hoping you will prayerfully ask God for the compass to His purpose for your life and that you will come to a joy filled knowing that in the end “it’s all about…Him”.


Photo by: Brendan Foery

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