Kenzie and her besties.   Life is Goode

No matter how many times I consider this, I cannot wrap my head around how big Christ’s love is for us.The past few weeks I have been struggling with some self doubt and even some sadness mixed in. Recently there have been tragedies that have showed up in the lives of others within my community. Even though I feel that I am strong enough to be present in the lives of others who are grieving, I still find that I am affected in the aftermath. After attending two very sad events in just the course of a couple of weeks time, I went away with a heavy heart as I considered those who are just beginning their grief journey. It has taken me seven years to get to this place where I think that I will be able to help others. With God’s help, I will, as I continue to share that life is goode and God is best.

My prayer this week has been that God will re-ignite the flame from within me. What I mean by that, is that I have been living a purpose filled life since my daughter’s death by sharing her story. Truly this has kept me going. So now that the book is coming up on its one year anniversary, I have taken my foot off the gas as my passion has seemed to wane. Although it is of utmost importance to me to share Kenzie’s amazing story and God’s faithfulness throughout this journey, my perspective has changed some. This is where the self doubt has crept in to try to steal my positivity. That little voice in my head that jibber jabbers, questioning every motive and decision that I make. So I have been giving my self-doubt over to God in prayer as I ask Him to once again show up in a big way with His “Godwink” to reignite my passion. Yes, life is goode, and God is  best. . Wait until you read about this Godwink!

One evening this week, I listened to a message that was waiting for me on my phone. It was a gentleman asking about the name of my book and where he could purchase it. I called him back and answered his questions. As I learned of his approximate location, I provided the name of a store nearby, that sells it. That was it; a short unexpected call from a stranger who wished to read the book. It gave me a spark to believe that there is interest still in “Wish You a Goode Journey”. I tossed and turned all night wondering about the call and whether it was someone who had suffered a loss, since he told me that a friend had recommended that he read my book. Perhaps I should have offered to meet this person and sign the book, which could have potentially opened up dialogue if he had a need to talk.

As I was headed out to an appointment the following day, I felt led to call the stranger back to let him know that I would be in a neighboring town for an appointment and that I could meet him to provide a signed copy if he preferred. I am not certain why I felt this compulsion since this gentleman had already planned to just go buy the book. It was agreed however, that we would meet at a local store. I arrived early and as I headed into the store I heard my name being called after me as I was motioned over to a parked car. As I was invited to, I opened the passenger side door and was asked to please get in the car. My inner voice cautioned me and I did not, but handed the book over to the person meeting me. Sensing my nervousness I guess, he reached up to the sun visor of his car and pulled out a familiar note card which he opened. I could see my handwriting and so I cautiously agreed to get into his car. My comment was “well I guess that I must know you, since that is obviously a card that I have written but, I don’t recognize who you are”. The man’s eyes filled with tears as he explained to me that he had just lost his wife to cancer. He went on to explain that he is also the father of one of Kenzie’s organ recipients. Wow!!! How could it be? This was the dad of one of the recipients that I have not met.. Because everything is done anonymously through the donor banks, it is ALMOST virtually impossible to know the identity of the donor and recipients alike. Communication by letters is made via third parties and any revealing identifying information shared in letters is blacked out. This dad explained to me that no one in his family knew that he was making contact nor had he intended to, until I reconnected with my phone call. He was merely going to go buy my book and give it to his family to read. He also told me that his wife had hoped to meet me so that she could personally thank me for Kenzie’s gift of life, but that now that would not happen. (My thought here is that she has already personally thanked Kenz as they have met in heaven).  I asked my new friend when he would be sharing the book and he said he wished to give it to his family member ( Kenzie’s recipient) on their birthday which is in June and just happens to be the same day as my birthday)! What are the chances? Anyway, after a very nice exchange in conversation with this gentleman, we parted ways. I did not expect to hear from him or his family again until after my shared mutual birthday in June.

Snapped a pic of his cap, as I sat in his car “Life is Goode”

When I arrived at work early the very next morning I received a text from the man that I had met; this is what it said: “Marcy, I have to make another donation after reading your book. I plan on giving my daughter a copy to read. You WILL NOT believe this but I was reading my newspaper early this morning and in a section that I would have never glanced at was the name ” Kenzie Goode” Miss NH outstanding Teen 2017. I saved the paper. Let me know when I can get another copy. I would drive to meet you and maybe could meet Bob”.
( I want to encourage you to go ahead and do a web search for “Kenzie Goode, Miss NH Outstanding Teen 2017”).  What are the odds that there is another Kenzie Goode and that this new friend would have read this story in a random section of the newspaper the following day that I had just met him? Yes, life is goode and God is best!

A perfect Godwink for my new friend, and me!

Oh my goodness! As I had asked God to re-ignite my passion for sharing Kenzie’s story, He did it in the most magnificent way. I had tossed and turned during the night after that initial phone call, feeling something tugging at my heart, my genuine concern for this gentleman as I wondered if he needed to share about a recent loss. I believe God was leading me to reach out and what a gift I received! I do believe God plants seeds of hope, and ideas for us to act on, but He desires that we first step out in faith.

So my husband Bob and I met this man this weekend and learned more about his family and one of the recipients of Kenzie’s organs. I realize just how closely our lives are truly aligned in this world and how God’s divine purpose is orchestrated and rendered if we simply trust Him as first  in our lives.What a beautiful symphony has been enacted through my daughter’s life giving gifts. Through our biggest tragedy God has used her life and my experiences to show His love. Yes, life is goode, and God is best.

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