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After losing 17 year old daughter Makenzie Mia Goode in a tragic accident, I felt compelled to share her story. Although initially consumed in grief with my daughter’s unexpected departure, I’ve since found joy and healing as the additional chapter of my daughter’s life unfolds. Makenzie saved six lives through her organ donation.

Tremendous blessings are received as you read and you’ll get a glimpse of how Makenzie has changed so many lives for the better. In the book, letters and stories are shared about the organ recipients and their families. Kenzie continues to show off her fun-loving spirit as little gems are left for me as I search in what I’ve coined “the treasure hunt of my life.” One of the biggest finds, a tiny slip of paper, which was a Chinese fortune pasted to a mirror. So inspiration was the message: “Wish You a Good Journey.” This was a pivotal moment for me in flipping my emotions. A quest to find joy and happiness has been first and foremost in honoring my daughter’s memory.

This book is filled with surprising signs “Godwinks” from above as God offers hope and joy in this “AHA” treasure finds. Come along on this Goode journey by reading about Makenzie and her amazing gifts.


Wish You A Goode Journey Excerpt – Chapter 2

We eventually met Al and Tina and their beautiful three daughters, as we entertained them up at our summer camp for a cookout and campfire. Al, at one point during their visit, asked me to come sit down next him. He said to me, “What I am about to share with you is probably going to make you cry”. I said with some hesitation, “Well, ok”.

Al explained to me about how his organ donation process happened. He had gotten the call in the evening and went to the hospital. He explained that he had been chosen as the “alternate” recipient. I guess that means that if for whatever reason, the primary candidate does not meet their criteria the alternate will be the recipient. Al explained that they do not know anything about the person from whom the organ is being gifted. He shared with me that when he was in recovery trying to wake up, he heard a young girl’s voice calling for her mom.

My thoughts raced as he told me this as I was wondering what did she sound like? Was she in pain? Was she angry or stressed? He explained to me that it was like a confirmatory voice: like “Mom! Mom!” I’m here and look at what we’ve done!

This information would not leave me all day as I worried and worried. In the evening I asked Al to explain again to me what he heard. Tina, Al’s wife spoke up and told me that it was only her and Al in the recovery room, (that his mom was not there). She explained just as Al did, and that she actually heard Al calling for mom in the same fashion that he had shared. As if, he was looking for his mother.

After that, I remember saying to Al that I believed he received our daughter’s organ for a very important reason. He has three beautiful daughters to walk down the aisle at their future weddings. During our visit throughout that day, Gracie, Kenzie’s Cairn terrier, stayed close to Al. He took her for several walks and they seemed to just have this connection. Before he left, he offered to take Grace home with him but, well of course, that was not an option for me.

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